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“L’Orciolo d’Oro”, the world’s first professional competition devoted to extra virgin olive oil, was born in Italy and took shape in the second half of the 80s from an idea of Marta Cartoceti. For the occasion, she brought together a small group of enthusiasts, producers, restaurateurs and oenologists who, serving as a self-styled “amateur” jury, launched an event that gained professional recognition in the olive oil world in 1991.

Since the same year, 1991, the jury of L’Orciolo d’Oro has always been composed exclusively of professional tasters enrolled in the registers or lists of tasters established according to the regulations in force, belonging to the various associations of professional tasters.

Since the first official edition in 1991, “L’Orciolo d’Oro” established itself as a major and innovative reference for many olive farms, which regarded the competition as a research and development driver, as well as a seal of recognition to boost the quality of the oil itself and, thus, of processing systems.

L’Orciolo d’Oro” attaches great importance to a careful and selective attention to the transparency of every single operation, always establishing a professional jury led by recognised industry leaders, and distinguishing itself early on from existing and budding competitions.

A reference model for all competitions in Italy and abroad that have come since, and from which they always draw inspiration.

Today, the general direction of “L’Orciolo d’Oro” is set by Manuela Vigo, President of “Enohobby Club Milano” and daughter of Marta Cartoceti, who pursues the family tradition with passion and professionalism and the support of her husband, Vincenzo Federico Petisi.


The competition seeks to enhance the best olive oil production in the world, promoting the knowledge of excellent extra virgin olive oil.

The aim of the competition is to present on the world’s stage the excellence of high-quality olive farming, serving as a unique guarantor and communication channel between producers and the world market, through selection control and marketing processes.

Create cultural and commercial connection channels by organising events to present and generate awareness of the oil culture in national and international settings.

Manuela Vigo

Management and organization

Every operational decision starts from carefully considered and planned choices, paying careful attention to every single detail:

  • reception of each individual sample upon registration.
  • storage in a room at a constant temperature between 13 and 14 degrees, dry and dark, for anonymisation and transport.
  • use of professional glasses made of glass meeting the COI requirements for tasting.
  • establishment of a professional international jury.

Vincenzo Federico Petisi

Prizes and Awards

Historically supported by important institutional bodies and trade associations, “L’Orciolo d’Oro” enjoys the support and social endorsement of research institutions by actively collaborating in the organisation of events/conferences for scientific and food dissemination, aimed at spreading awareness, visibility, and use of extra virgin olive oil in Italy and abroad.

The relevance of such collaborations is evidenced by the recognition and award of important institutional and industry prizes, as well as by the areas and historical category podiums of the competition, Special Mentions and Distinctions.

An award by “L’Orciolo d’Oro” means a recognition from the “world history” of competition-worthy extra-virgin olive oils.


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