The first competition established in Italy dedicated to extra virgin olive oils, and the world’s oldest, “L’Orciolo d’Oro” was conceived in 1991 by Marta Cartoceti, who has always been the brain and heart behind this event. Today, the competition is still synonymous with prestige and professionalism, where careful attention is always paid to the transparency and seriousness of every single operation carried out, from the promotion to reception, from storage to codification, and from selections to awards.

Authorised and sponsored by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and with the collaboration of Trade Associations, “L’Orciolo d’Oro” is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Pesaro and the Marche Region. Starting this year, the competition will also enjoy the support and patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region.

The pride of Italy and Italian olive oil in our country and throughout the world, “L’Orciolo d’Oro” is the leading model a source of inspiration for all of the competitions in the world that have followed. The competition is an important and effective instrument for the enhancement and promotion of a distinctive product and of the territory, as well as an authoritative symbol of quality.

Over these years, much has been done to express the full promotional potential inherent in the event, first by establishing – before any other competition – sections reserved for organic olive oils (first edition 1999), and Italian PDO and PGI olive oils (first edition 2009), obtaining the support of the Protection Consortia.

Furthermore, we proudly highlight the establishment of the section dedicated to international olive oils,  in 1998. This section has attracted the trust and participation of a growing number of companies the world over, acquiring global fame and relevance ever since the first editions.

Another important branch of the competition was the establishment of the “Press Award” in 2010, a prestigious prize that has engaged the world of media and communication for ten years and which has allowed both winning and participating companies to obtain important feedback, also at a commercial level.

With these initiatives, we have always tried to enhance the entire panorama of the olive-growing world and, through the Press Award, give it the visibility it deserves.

“L’Orciolo d’Oro” has always been an important event for every producer and a great opportunity for all participating companies to be able to promote their products internationally, proudly bearing the “L’Orciolo d’Oro” brand which has always been recognised and appreciated all over the world.

The value and history of these competitions deserve the broadest support from those local institutions that have the goal of enhancing territorial identities through the promotion of the quality of food and wine products in order to attract more conscious and respectful tourism. In fact, all the activities related to the competitions are aimed at encouraging direct meetings with producers, also building tasting itineraries that unite beyond administrative boundaries.

“Nowadays, tourism has changed, and we must realise that tourists want to feel emotions, new experiences to remember and divulge! I firmly believe that rediscovering the values of

traditions, rediscovering the values of the “earth”, is the right way to leave tourists with an indelible “souvenir”! In my opinion, this is the famous added value of hospitality”.

 Marta Cartoceti
Enohobby Club President


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