The world's oldest extra virgin olive oil competition

L'Orciolo d'Oro


Our Story

The world's oldest extra virgin olive oil competition

L’Orciolo d’Oro, the first professional competition dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, born in Italy and the oldest in the world, took shape in the second half of the 1980s from an idea by Marta Cartoceti bringing together a small group of enthusiasts, producers, restaurateurs and oenologists who, constituting an “amateur” jury, started what in 1991, with a jury made up exclusively of professional tasters registered in the registers or lists of tasters on the basis of current regulations, belonging to the various associations of tasters, it will become a professionally recognized reality in the olive growing world.




The Numbers of L'Orciolo d'Oro 2020

Special Awards

Why Partecipate

The competition aims to enhance the best olive oil production in the world, promoting the knowledge of excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Historical Passion

The competition stems from the real desire to bring out the extra virgin olive oil as a raw material of extreme quality and from a passion that has been cultivated every day for almost 30 years

Professional Quality

It is the only competition that specifically awards quality with 9 category prizes coming into contact with international buyers.


Transparency is synonymous with clarity. Our rules are clear and obvious to everyone and the selection is explained in detail.

A Jury of Professional Tasters

Our Members of the Jury are Professional Tasters. 

There will be a Jury made up of professional tasters registered in the Register or List of tasters, belonging to the different taster associations, to accurately and professionally sanction the best olive oil in the Southern Hemisphere.

An International Jury

Our professionals from 10 different countries

In this Edition there will be an International Jury made up of professional tasters registered in the Register or List of tasters, belonging to the different taster associations, to accurately and professionally sanction the best oil in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a sensorial analyst, she has extensive international experience in the formation of panel groups for the tasting of virgin olive oils and is called to perform blended among extra virgin oils to obtain products with certain peculiarities, both in Italy and abroad.

David Noy has been CEO of the Shan Oil House in Israel for 9 years.

He was also Panel Leader in the Northern Tasting Panel of the Olive Organization in Israel.

Selin Ertür graduated from Bilkent University in 1996.

She is a professional olive oil taster and producer, with 17 years of professional experience in the olive sector.

Nicholas is an international olive oil expert, a trainer, speaker and co-founder of Grove and Vine, a personalized service for the supply of olive oil.

Alexis Kerner, born in Philadelphia, is an expert olive oil taster who has resided in Seville, Spain for almost 20 years. She received her undergraduate in Environmental Science from Connecticut College and her title as Expert Olive Oil Taster from the International Olive Council and the University of Jaen in Spain.

Adina Petrioli is a olive oil producer in Firenze and a olive oil lover. In 2001 she obtained the Certification of Professional Taster in O.N.A.O.O. She also has the certificate as “panel test member” issued by the Panel Chief Dott. Marco Mugelli (CCIAA of Florence) and the certificate of suitability to be a Panel Chief.

She is enrolled in the official register of the Italian Professional Taster since 2012.

Silvia is member of numerous panels as DOP Chianti Classico Commission, the Consorzio LAUDEMIO and the former CCIAA Commission in Florence.

Nobuyuki Hayashi is a japanese olive oil taster: he studied also in Italy and he had some experiences in the university research field.

In this period of his career, he is doing consultancy work for numerous Sol Levante companies in the agri-food field and he is dealing with some teaching activities linked to the sensory analyses of food.

Anita Zachou, from Greece, is an agricultural engineer, professional olive oil taster, technical consultant of olive oil production, gastronomic educator of culinary professionals, holistic wellness coach, writer & trainer. 

She comes from an olive oil production family from Kalamata and since she can remember herself she was playing around & climbing on some of the thousands of olive trees of the Messinian land. When she grew up it came naturally for her to study agronomy.

Saveria is an agronomist and science teacher. She is enrolled since 2007 to the national Register of Professional Olive Oil Tasters and she is also an official member of the Panel of Regione Calabria.

Saveria has written numerous articles about the olive oil field, she has participated to many competitions in Calabria and she has  disseminated in different schools.

She is also a Wine Taster: Saveria is the Committee Chairman of the Competition “Major’s selection” of City of wine and she is a member of the Evaluation Committee of the DOC Calabria wines.

María José Moyano Pérez is Doctor in Pharmacy. She is R&D Specialist and responsible for the Almazara Laboratory and Member of the Tasting Panel at the Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC) in Seville (Spain). She is jury member of several national and international competitions.

Ettore Vannucci, born in 1980, lives in Chianti. He is graduated in Classical Archaeology and he is an entrepreneur. Ettore is a Professional Taster of olive oil since 2012.

The world of high-quality olive oil is not only a great Passion in his life, but it constitutes his work and his routine. He is an olive oil producer, but first of all he is a grower in love with the amazing Chianti’s countryside.

Damiano Pasciuto has a diploma and the habilitation as agro-technician and he is Councillor of the Agro-Technicians Order in Latina since 2016. He is enrolled in the regional section of the National Register of the Expert Tasters of extra virgin and virgin olive oils. 

He has been working in the Technical Roles in the Regional Direction of Agricultural in Lazio Region since 1989. He has been participating to the periodic tasting sessions organized by the Association CAPOL (Olive-Oil-Production Tasters Centre of Latina) since 2009 and he has also become the Councillor of CAPOL since 2010.

David Neuman began his Olive Oil career as a Commis Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, D.C. in 1985, cooking with great olive oil. After many years of executive management employment in the Specialty and Natural Foods industry, he was hired in 2006 as President and Partner of Lucini Italia, and for the next 9 years grew it to become the premier Italian Olive Oil brand in America. Upon selling the business in the end of 2014, David opened Gaea North America as CEO with the assistance of its parent company, Gaea Products S.A.

María Luiz Ruiz Domínguez is Doctor in Chemistry from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has also a PhD Thesis: “Physicochemical & Sensorial Characterisation of Virgin Olive Oil traditional-native varieties from Comunidad Valenciana”.

She is Director of  the Section “Food & Beverages Analysis” at Agri-food Laboratory of Comunidad Valenciana and Laboratory Director of the Institute of Viticulture and Enology.

Olive Tree Institute in Sfax, BP 1087, Sfax, Tunisia.
Research Laboratory: Productivity, Quality, development and competitiveness of olive products

In her academic life, she has obtained these diplomas: Chemical engineer processes, Master in chemical engineering processes, Expert academic in tasting virgin olive oil (University of Jaén) and Chemistry doctoral thesis.

Falanga has an upper secondary school diploma as nautical surveyor.

In 2003 he obtained the Sommelier diploma of AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier), he has enrolled in the UMAO Association (Unione Mediterranea Assaggiatori Olio), he has obtained the Attestation of Competence for the olive oil tasting and he has enrolled to the National Olive Oil Tasters Register.

Fil Bucchino is a Toronto based olive oil expert, host and co-producer of award winning documentary “Obsessed with Olive Oil” and founder of Abandoned Grove.

Fil has been advocating and promoting extra virgin olive oil for almost 20 years. He received a BSc in BioMedical Sciences from the University of Guelph and later recorded and performed as a professional musician for almost a decade.

High school diploma. Since 1999 as U.M.A.O. participates in all the activities undertaken by the association. Registered in the national list of oil tasters since 2005, she has participated and participates in local and national competitions (Golden Siren, Capital Oil, etc.). In 2007 he crossed national borders as part of the mixed Italian-Jordanian panel, in the competition for the best oils of the Middle East.

Natascia Riggi graduated in 2005 in Agricultural Science and Agricultural Technology Faculty of Udine.
She is a Chemistry Teacher since 2014 in the State Technical Institute with the Slovena– Državni Tehniški Zavod ŽIGA ZOIS teaching language.

She is enrolled since 2008 in the National Register of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil technicians and experts. She has both national and international experience as agronomist in the management of the entire olive oil and olive-growing supply chain.

Inés Martínez is an extra virgin olive oil producer since 2001: she produces in a small familiar company that was born in 1947.

She is founder and Official Taster in the CARM’s Tasting Panel since 2002 and founding member of the Association  “Amigos del Aceite de Oliva Virgen”, based in Moratalla.

Inés Martínez is also member of the Tasting Panel of GastrOleum. 

Tasting Course at the University of Baeza (Jaén) in 2019.
She is member of the programm PAAS Terra Oleum 2018/19.

Paola Campobasso è Administrative Officer in the Capital Rome since 1983 and She is now Responsible for the Anti-corruption and Transparency Office of the Digital Transformation Department. 


She is olive oil taster in the Association U.M.A.O since 1996. She is enrolled in the National Register of virgin and extra virgin olive oil Technicians and Experts since 2004. She has participated in numerous national and international olive oil competition.

Repole Fausta Graciela, born in 1969, graduated in Faculty of Agrarian Science of the University of Basilicata in 1996, with 110\110 cum laude. In 1996 She has obtained the habilitation to practise as Doctor of Agronomy at the University of Basilicata.

She is enrolled in the National Register of virgin and extra virgin olive oil Tasters.

She took part in the final of the International Competition for olive oil tasters “Oleo Cata” in 2010 in Jaen (Spain). 


Borel Berta was born in 1970, is married and has a daughter. She lives in Linguizzetta, Corsica, where she has her business. 

In 2014 She became the manager of the SARL Moulin Oltremonti (Linguizzetta, Corsica), where she deals with the management of the olive oil mill (two-phase Pieralisi). She has been an olive oil producer and farmer since 2008. 






How to Enter the Competition

Fill IN the application form

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Wait for the confirmation.

If accepted, you will receive an email with all the information to complete your registration process to L'Orciolo d'Oro.


Remind that the application is open to all the oil producers who produce extra virgin olive oils classified with the criteria of CE 2568/91 rules (and following modification) and 510/06 rules.

How to Enter the Competition

Fill IN the selection form

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Read the regulation in the mail

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complete the registration from the link

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Send us the oil samples

Prepare a package with the oil samples you want to participate in the competition


Get the final results

At the end of the evaluation you will receive all the results of the analyzes and votes of our jury


What they say about us

“A concentrate of stubbornness and experience that has made L’Orciolo d’Oro lasts for 27 years and confirms itself as one of the international reference competitions for the fans of green gold and the operators of the sector.”


“The oldest competition dedicated to quality extra virgin oils.”


“It is one of the most authoritative competitions at national and international level and sees in competition the best extra virgin olive oils that are examined by a jury composed of professional tasters selected throughout Italy.”

Frantoio Moro

“The Orciolo d’Oro is an important national competition of extra virgin olive oils that has now gained visibility to credibility both in Italy and in the world, which every year more and more companies from the olive sector participate.”


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The first professional competition dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, born in Italy and the oldest in the world.


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